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A celebration of nerd/geek culture and all of the comic book heroes, television and motion picture actors, and fantasy characters in general that we have fantasized about. With a smattering of impressive male specimens for additional Spank Bank material.

18+ and I guess Not Safe For Work depends on where you work.

And I don't own any of the images here. They are simply what I find intriguing.

All models are over 18 (or over 21 where required by law).


Found these 2 photos of me at Bent Con last year.



gaycomicgeek best wallpaper ever!

That’s actually a cool idea.

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Welcome to Earth.

The question is who took the picture?

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I’m not really this flexible.
It’s an illusion.

If this is an illusion, I can’t wait to see him pull the rabbit out!

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Jayne Hat for the win!

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I always figured Jughead was packin’


This is for my friend ObeYecow
My version of human Bowser (koopa) and Hunky Mario. 
I love designing them and hope someone cosplay them someday XD.
Hope you guys like it!!!

Art by CrimsonBlood

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Kwamee and Mati

Kwamee and Mati

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And I’m REALLY good!

And I’m REALLY good!

Wolverine and Sabertooth during the war

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Clint Barton Whoring Around: The Life, The Legend


If you want to buy the MAN OF STEEL, Email me at for the price!

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XTube Porn Video by desi_raunch

I love exhibitionist and ESPECIALLY in libraries

1:07 min